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Monty Python legend confirm to take part in The Simpsons season 32

Michael Palin will play the role of a museum curator in the new season of The Simpsons.

Monty Python legend Michael Palin, a veteran actor and TV presenter, has confirmed that he will make a guest appearance on the new season 32 of The Simpsons series.

Appearing on The One Show last week, he told hosts Alex Jones and Chris Ramsey that he is going to play a wacky role. He said that he had recorded his contribution to play a museum curator, who he said to be a wacky character.

His role will likely be small, but it’s bound to be memorable, knowing Michael Palin.

Palin, having made several travel documentaries, also told about the significance of comedy in difficult times, saying that he thinks it is the most important time to find things that can make him laugh.

The star said that in dark times people really need comedy. It has been proved by the comedy that had been found in the First World War, jokes, and magazines… He thought it’s very hard to control and laughter is a safety valve that is useful that way.

The latest season of The Simpsons, season 31, recasts a classic character, with nuclear power plant co-worker of Homer and friend Carl Carlson presently being voiced by Alex Désert – The Flash actor.

Previously, the character was played by cast member Hank Azaria during a long time. Hank has stepped down from his role as Apu Nahasapeemapetilon – Kwik-E-Mart manager – after Fox confirmed in June that the show would not have white actors voice non-white characters any more.

The season 32 premiere, Undercover Burns, emphasizes the fact that the needs of the many are usually outweighed by the wants of the one. It starts on “take your kids to work day” at the Springfield Nuclear plant and the offspring having managed to make it out of the radioactively damaged reproductive systems of the workers are being culled for slave labor like inmates at a for-profit prison.

The Simpsons is available to watch on Disney+ in the UK and the US.

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