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George Harrison financed the Monty Python’s movie

George Harrison was not only a well-recognized solo artist and songwriter in the most popular band of all time, but also a well-known film director who asks the question: Was it the Late Beatle could not do? This was not just a routine for Harrison to burn in the extra cash he had received, nor was it only a vanity endeavor, and in reality the former Beatle has succeeded, even working on Brian ‘s Life Of Monty Python.

While losing such a talented coach is always sad, it is testament to her skills and experience in the women’s game that she has secured such an important national role.

‘’We would like to thank Bev for her hard work and dedication over the past three years to our England teams and wish her and her family the very best for the next step of the journey.’’

His long career in the movies began in 1971 when he helped fund the documentary Raga by Ravi Shankar. After that he teamed up with Apple Director Allen Klein for the Bangladesh Film Concert as Harrison kept learning about the logistics of films making. In 1973 former Beatle and Klein pursued their greatest effort, though, in the midst of a controversy involving Klein’s exit from Apple when they made their film Little Malcolm. But Harrison was not prepared to abandon film production earlier.

Peter Sellers introduced Denis O’Brien to Harrison after Klein ‘s departure, and then the two agreed to start their company together as they were like a building on fire. Then in 1978 the pair founded the film production and distribution company Homemade Films together, in an attempt to be regarded as more respectable as they decided to produce Monty Python ‘s Life of Brian.

They had the chance, to say the least, of making this film, but they somehow withdrawn funds on demand of their CEO Bernard Delfont after EMI Films. Harrison was able to fund the Life of Brian production and also had to remort his home when he played the entire film and was a shattering success at the box office. Python star Eric Idle later called it “the greatest movie ticket ever paid for.”

The former Beatle invested in four million dollars in the movie with his own money which would have killed him if the gamble didn’t pay off … But Harrison figured it was a success. However, also an intelligence like Harrison couldn’t expect the film to achieve as well as it did and it became an outstanding box office success overnight. This film was also the top film of any British film in the United States that year, not just the quatth most successful film in the United Kingdom in 1979.

He is also present in it as Mr Papadopoulis, and not just the financial muscle which gave the world one of the greatest comedy movies of all time. Harrison is a visionary guy who made choices on love and not financial rewards and luckily his gut-feeling will in due course be a reward for the wallet and he was able to risk his home to make sure this film had been made.

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