Eric Idle’s Always Look on the Bright Side of Life: A Sortabiography

Eric Idle, the well-known Monty Python actor, has become a legend-like figure with the world in comedy within the UK. It’s been going for almost five decades, and he still remains one of the favorites. Fans from around the world have heard the tales and funny stories over many interviews, but we’ve really thought about an autobiography, at least not until the 2014 chat with Rolling Stones.

The new book titled Always Look on the Bright Side of Life: A Sortabiography tells us we’re in for a humour right in the title. The book was released on the 2nd of October 2018, featuring everything you’ve wondered about Eric and how he became part of the Pythons. He begins with how he made his way into television and how he met the other Pythons who would grow to be famous all these years later with him. Along the way, he also tells readers about the amazing adventures as he took part in a comedy empire with live revues and even movies.

He also includes interesting stories of how he met other famous people, including Robin Williams and George Harrison while also telling us how some of the funniest parts also didn’t get featured in Monty Python. It’s an interesting read for all fans, especially with details included that we wouldn’t have considered if we didn’t have a read as well. Here are some of the most interesting facts we discovered in the book. Be sure to grab your copy as the things below are simply the beginning.

In a Legal Maneuver, Monty Python Won Flying Circle Rights

After airing a chopped-up version of Monty Python by BBC and ABC, the legal team of the troupe told them not to accept the £2 million settlement. However, they decided to go ahead and take control over the series, giving them the opportunities to earn a lot more and the series was rebroadcasted. As Eric said, at times they might be silly, but they aren’t stupid.

The Monty Python Team Almost Agreed to a Museum Exhibition

The well-known Victoria and Albert Museum was interested in creating a similar exhibition to what was done for Pink Floyd and David Bowie, but it never happened as the museum, and the Monty Python team were unable to agree on terms. The troupe wanted it to be called the exhibition the Monty Python Exposed or even Monty Python: The Same Old Bollocks. However, the museum team turned down both options and wanted it to be called “From Dali to Dead Parrots”, but as written by Eric in the bio, it was pretentious nonsense as Monty Python was about comedy and didn’t have anything to do with Dali. The book also includes other details, leading to the Pythons turning down the offer, which the museum founds unbelievable of course.

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